This Company is led by a team of professional entrepreneurs and technical experts, and it is supported by a diverse set of experts from the wind energy field. Palestinian scientists, thinkers and political activists recognized the potential of harnessing wind power to establish energy independence in Palestine about twenty four years ago, when the circumstances of the first intifada necessitated finding alternative resources that are not under Israeli control. For the last two decades, however, this idea has only been discussed theoretically. There have been no serious attempts at implementation. Eighteen months ago, a group of Palestinian entrepreneurs, engineers and popular resistance activists appreciated that it was necessary to implement this idea and make sustainable wind energy a reality. Some of them had experience in wind energy, and they decided to dedicate their time to see if this resource had any potential in Palestine.

Our team has conducted an extensive research and development campaign to ascertain the feasibility of wind power production in Palestine. Our research, as well as data obtained through meso-microscale wind resource mapping conducted by GL Garrad-Hassan, confirms the presence of economical wind resources in the West Bank.